What Are The Procedures For Treating Common Injuries In Sports?

Exercise and physical activity are beneficial for health. Some people might hurt themselves due to wrong moves or postures. Bones, muscles, ligaments, tissues, or tendons are most commonly damaged during sports injuries. These injuries can be sudden or chronic. Sometimes, you develop the injury slowly and realise later when the pain starts. At the same time, some of the injuries are minor and can be treated at home by applying ice packs or having some rest. Some injuries turn out to be major and require immediate medical attention. Some of the procedures that are taken to treat common sports injuries are;


Immobilisation is the process of restricting the movement of the damaged body part. A sling or cast is used to immobilise the body part. The blood flow becomes better and more direct, and the healing process becomes faster. It is the standard protocol followed for all musculoskeletal injuries and can be done by an athletic trainer or paramedic right away. The restricted movement reduces the pain and swelling and helps heal a wound. Some minor injuries get better with immobilisation only and don’t require further treatment, while major injuries need further assistance. 


An ultrasound of sports injury rules out the requirement for surgery. The majority of sports injuries don’t require surgery, but sometimes the tissues are torn in a way that needs surgery to be repaired. Fractured bones that need alignment are also aligned through surgery. After the surgery, immobilisation is done to prevent further movements. Surgery is only done whenever other treatments are not enough. A damaged knee or cartilage tears also need surgery to be rectified and then healed.


After the complete healing of the injury, a rehabilitation program is needed to reassure regular movement in your body part. Before returning to the activity that caused you the damage, a complete rehab is necessary. A physiotherapist makes a proper plan to rebuild the strength in a damaged muscle, ensure the full range of motion, and remove any residual pain. Most physiotherapists make the patients exercise at their office and then prescribe for home too. After a complete program, the injured part is completely mobile again with all the strength. 

Most common sports injuries

Some most common sports injuries are;

● A broken bone is the most common sports injury. A bone might break when sudden pressure is applied from the wrong angle.

● A cartilage is a flexible shock absorber that covers the ends of our bones. Joints such as the knee or shoulder can suffer a cartilage injury.

● A concussion is a brain injury that a hard bump on the head can cause due to falling or some heavy thing hitting. 

● A dislocation of bones is also quite common while doing sports. A shoulder popping out of its socket is an example of bone dislocation.

● Tendonitis is a type of injury that develops over time. It happens when the tissues that connect bones and muscles become inflamed or swollen. 

● An ankle, knee, or wrist sprain is also common during exercise or sports activities. It happens when the ligaments connecting the joints are stretched too much or torn apart. 

● A strain can happen when any muscle is overstretched. A hamstring strain, back strain, and abdominal strain are some of the common strains that occur during sports and games. 

Bottom Line

Injuries are pretty common and happen to everyone. It is better to get all your injuries checked by a doctor to avoid any problems in future. Sometimes, we think an injury is minor and will be healed on its own, but it turns out to be painful in future. Acorn Private Clinic is the best private clinic to treat all your sports injuries. We have the facility for groin ultrasound, pain therapy, surgical operations and all the procedures you need for your treatment.