Groin Ultrasound Scan

Diagnose Groin Pain, Lump, Hernias

An ultrasound scan can diagnose a lump in the groin and common causes of groin pain. A hernia is a common cause of pain in the groin and it may also present as a lump. Other causes of groin pain can be from the hip joint and surrounding muscles and tendons.

An Ultrasound scan is excellent at diagnosing the above and is often the first-line test for most patients.

If you have a lump or pain in the groin which you are worried about, have it diagnosed with our experienced consultant who specializes in this area. Skip the long NHS waits and get a scan booked this week.

If the lump requires any further assessment or biopsy, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist at no extra cost.

Your Scan Includes

  • Ultrasound with the Consultant Doctor
  • Explanation of your scan results
  • Consultant Written Report
  • High-Resolution Digital Scan Images
  • Any onward referral if needed
  • Consultant Doctor Scan & Instant Results – £230
  • Lowest Fees in Wales
  • No Referral Needed
  • Same Week Appointment

What does the scan involve?

The doctor will use the ultrasound probe with a water-based jelly to examine the groin and assess the characteristics of any lump. The scan will produce images that the doctor will interpret and use to give a diagnosis. The procedure is not painful.

Due to COVID working practices, you can bring one person to accompany you in the scanning room.

There will also be a qualified chaperone present in the scan room along with the doctor.


How do I prepare?

Please dress appropriately to allow for easy access to the body part/joint being examined with ultrasound.

Registered & Regulated

Our team is fully registered and regulated for practice in the United Kingdom. Our patients should expect nothing less.