Hand Surgery

We are supported by state-of-the-art facilities and expert nursing care to ensure you get the highest standard of healthcare. We can offer same-week appointments.

Our Consultants use advanced diagnostics and treatments to restore our patients’ hand and wrist strength, full range of motion, and function. Our team of specialists will work with you to develop the best possible treatment plan for the following hand and wrist conditions.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

This is a relatively common condition causing pain, numbness, and a tingling sensation in the hand and fingers, normally the thumb, middle, or index finger.

A range of treatments is available to ease the pain induced by carpal tunnel syndrome and help restore normal function.

Trigger Finger Surgery

Trigger Finger is a form of tenosynovitis that is associated with sports such as golf and tennis and, increasingly, through intensive use of computer games consoles and smartphones.

Ganglion Removal

Treatment is usually only recommended if the cyst causes pain or affects the range of movement in a joint. The treatment options for a ganglion cyst are either draining fluid out of the cyst with a needle and syringe (aspiration) or, cutting the cyst out using surgery.