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Diagnostic Ultrasound Scans

Our state-of-the-art ultrasound machinery and specialist consultant doctors assist us in offering unmatched ultrasound scans.

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Blood Tests

Wide range of screening and health assessment blood tests.

hand surgery

Hand Surgery

Our specialists utilise the finest technologies with their expertise to restore patients’ full range of motion, hand and wrist strength and function.

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Minor Surgery

Our doctors specialise in the treatment of skin lesions such as skin tags, in-grown toenails, moles, etc., through surgical procedures.

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Private GP

Discuss your concerns in detail with a private GP consultation, and get the ultimate care under their supervision.


Injection Therapy

We will provide you with pain-relief injection therapy along with locating the source of your pain and diagnosing the possible condition.

We are a high end private clinic in South Wales offering you and your family immediate access to specialist doctors in your area!

Affordable Care

You can expect us to offer you high-quality yet affordable specialist care in Penarth and Cardiff.

Trusted Expert

We only partner with experts in the field of medicine to provide you with nothing less than the best care!

Timely & Accessible Care

We always make sure to provide our patients with their requested service as soon as possible without putting them on the waitlist.

Exceptional Care

Our doctors and other clinic staff are equipped to provide you with the best quality care out there.

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Experience The Ultimate Healthcare At Acorn Private Clinic

Providing patients with the best care is Acorn Private Clinic’s top priority. We don’t just want them to experience a pleasant environment but also the best solution to the health-related problem they may be facing. This is why we have a team of doctors who are experts in their particular field and are capable of providing you with the best treatments out there.

So, get in touch with us and book an appointment now. You can be assured that you will get the absolute best services at our clinic!

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