Private MRI Scan

Private MRI Scan in Cardiff

Correct diagnosis is dependent on an accurate report

Our renowned radiologists offer unmatched expertise, ensuring precise diagnoses. Radiology reports are crucial for accurate treatment plans, and our team provides top-tier, detailed analyses. That’s why we are trusted by elite athletes and professional sports teams. Choosing us ensures clarity and quality in your healthcare journey, setting the standard for excellence in radiological reporting.

What’s included?

Reports by highly specalist radiologists

Digital images of the scan

Discussion of management of your diagnosis with your referrer for a more holistic care


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Welcome to our MRI service in Cardiff, South Wales, where we blend top-notch technology with expert care, all at an affordable price. We’ve teamed up with leading imaging specialists to ensure your MRI scan is as accurate and detailed as possible. After your scan, our clinic’s experts take over, analyzing your results with a keen eye to give you clear and precise insights about your health.

We’re committed to making sure our MRI service is accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve worked hard to keep it affordable, ensuring that high-quality scans aren’t just for those who can pay premium prices. We believe everyone in Cardiff and the wider South Wales area deserves access to the best in healthcare, without worrying about the cost.

Our clinic is right here in Cardiff, making it easy for you to get the diagnostic services you need close to home. We’re not just about providing scans; we’re about offering peace of mind, understanding your health better, and taking the next steps towards treatment and recovery.

Choosing our MRI service means you’re getting a straightforward, high-quality experience without breaking the bank. We’re here to support your health journey with the best technology, expert analysis, and a price that makes sense for you. Let us help you get the answers you need, right here in South Wales.

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