Private GP Service

Our Personal GP Service when you need it


If you’re looking for a GP, a consultant for skin lump removal, or a private orthopaedic consultant in UK, our consultants will meet you online and in person, helping you get rid of the long waiting.


Our private GP consultation service in UK is well-recognised for providing patients with a precise diagnosis and proper treatment with proper examinations.

Occupational Medicals

We have the best resources to deliver the best occupational medical screening services and maintain the highest degree of workers’ physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Physical Exam

Our consultants for skin lump removal, ultrasound, and carpal tunnel release in UK conduct tests and do a comprehensive physical examination to treat the condition well.

Private Prescriptions

No matter what the problem is, our GPs and consultants serve patients by providing private prescriptions according to their condition in face-to-face appointments and at no additional charges.

Sick Notes

We’ve registered and licensed GPs and consultants who provide patients with valid sick notes by diagnosing their health conditions.


We also offer a referral service. Based on the health condition, we provide patients with the right direction through referral notes for specialist consultation.

Why Should You Choose Our Private GP Consultation In UK?

Acorn Private Clinic believes that a healthy body is the reason behind a healthy mind. Dedication is our speciality, and care and cure is our goal, suggesting that your well-being is our top priority. We have a team of registered, licensed, and well-experienced doctors who are always committed to gladly and professionally offering world-class consultation, diagnostic, and treatment services to patients.

Whether you need an appointment with a GP, a skin lump removal specialist, or a private ultrasound service in UK, we’re always at your service.