Lumps & Bumps Removal

Easy access, quick appointment, and affordable price.

  We offer a wide range of lumps & bumps removal surgery treatments. We have been operating with a team of lipoma lump removal surgeons who are the best in their field. We focus on delivering excellent patient care..

Free, No-Obligation Consultation

Acorn Private Clinic offers a free consultation with a dedicated expert cosmetic surgeon for lipoma lump removal surgery with no obligation to proceed to treatment. You can discuss your skin lump or bump concerns with your consultants.

Meet Your Surgeon

We offer another appointment with your surgeon before starting the treatment. This way, you will get answers to all if you have any questions or concerns about your surgery. We have made things much easier for the patients.

Preparation For Lumps & Bumps Removal Surgery

Before treatment, you don’t need specific preparation for removing fatty lumps under the skin. However, the consultant may ask to stop medications, such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Quitting smoking is good for improving wound healing and preventing further complications.

What Happens During Surgery

After carefully cleaning the skin and injecting the local anaesthetic, the surgeon makes a small elliptical incision around your lump or bump area. The surgeon will then remove the patch of skin containing the wound and stitch it. Following surgery, a simple dressing is applied to cover the lesion.

Recovery From Lumps & Bumps Removal Surgery

We recommend rest after treatment. Your recovery will depend on the lesion size and position. You will need to avoid movement and carrying weight for two weeks, and then you can start the gentle exercise. After four weeks, the surgeon will discuss your results in a follow-up appointment.