Testicular & Scrotum Ultrasound Scan

Diagnose Testicular Tumours & Problems

If you notice a lump or a swelling in your testicle, or something has changed around your scrotum, it’s completely natural to worry. That’s why scrotal imaging is so important.

With a scrotal ultrasound, you can identify what’s going on inside your scrotum and pick up a wide range of conditions before they progress. If you are thinking that what will be the cost of testicular ultrasound in UK, check us out right now.

If you are considering a scrotal ultrasound, or you’re simply not sure whether you need one, here is some information to help you make a decision.

 Testes imaging can pick up a wide range of testicular disorders, including:

  • Scrotal hernias
  • Abscesses, infection, or inflammation around the testes or epididymis
  • Cysts and tumors
  • Injury
  • Swollen veins
  • Fluid buildup
  • Testicular size abnormalities

Your Scan Includes

  • Ultrasound with the Consultant Doctor
  • Explanation of your scan results
  • Consultant Written Report
  • High-Resolution Digital Scan Images
  • Any onward referral if needed
  • Consultant Doctor Scan & Instant Results – £230
  • Lowest Fees in Wales
  • No Referral Needed
  • Same Week Appointment

What does the scan involve?

The doctor will use the testicular ultrasound probe with a water-based jelly to examine the scrotum and testicles. The scan will produce images that the doctor will interpret and use to give a diagnosis. The procedure is not painful.

Due to COVID working practices, you can bring one person to accompany you in the scanning room.

There will also be a qualified chaperone present in the scan room along with the doctor. Also, if you want testicular torsion ultrasound, you can get it done from our clinic.

How do I prepare?

Please dress appropriately to allow for easy access to the body part/joint being examined with ultrasound.

Registered & Regulated

Our team is fully registered and regulated for practice in the United Kingdom. Our patients should expect nothing less.