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ECO4 Qualifying Medical Condition Assessment with a GP- £120
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What Is the Eco4 Home Insulation Grant?
The Eco4 Home Insulation Grant is a governmental initiative designed to help UK households improve their energy efficiency through insulation and heating upgrades. This grant aims to reduce carbon emissions, lower energy bills, and ensure homes are warm and comfortable throughout the year. It targets households across the UK, with a special focus on low-income families and those in under-insulated homes.

How Does It Work?
Eligible households can receive funding to cover part or all of the cost of installing various insulation solutions, such as loft, cavity wall, and solid wall insulation, as well as upgrading or installing new, more efficient heating systems. The grant is part of the broader ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme, which obligates larger energy suppliers to assist in making British homes more energy-efficient.

Are You Eligible?
Eligibility for the Eco4 Home Insulation Grant depends on several factors, including your household income, the current energy efficiency of your home, and whether you or someone in your household receives certain benefits. Our dedicated team can help you determine if you qualify for the grant and guide you through the application process.

NHS Medical Assessment for Eco4 Eligibility
Qualifying Under the Medical Condition Route
Some individuals may qualify for the Eco4 Home Insulation Grant through the medical condition route. This special provision is designed for households where a resident has a health condition that could be exacerbated by living in a cold home.

How Does the NHS Medical Assessment Work?
To qualify under this route, you’ll need to undergo an medical assessment by GP practicing in the NHS. This assessment determines the impact of your living conditions on your health and whether improving your home’s insulation and heating could provide significant health benefits.