Private GP Consultation Near Newport

A Complete Healthcare Service In Newport


Looking for a private GP consultation in Newport? We have consultants who will serve you well virtually and in person to provide the best treatment. This way will also help you get rid of the extended waiting.


We provide the best private GP consultation service in Newport, which includes the world’s best diagnosis service run by our consultants, helping you receive proper treatment.

Occupational Medicals

We deliver the most excellent occupational medical screening services in Newport based on our committed consultants, who enable us to maintain the highest degree of workers’ well-being.

Physical Exam

We have well-experienced consultants for skin lump removal, ultrasound, and carpal tunnel release in Newport, conducting thorough physical examinations and tests to treat patients.

Private Prescriptions

Our GPs and consultants meet patients in person and provide them with private prescriptions based on their health condition. For this, we do not charge any additional fee.

Sick Notes

If you need a sick note or a medical certificate to take leaves, our registered and licensed doctors will provide a sick note after thoroughly diagnosing your health condition.


We also introduce a referral service, suggesting that our GPs and consultants refer you to a specialist out of our centre through referral notes. We do this when your health requires specialist consultation.

Reasons For Choosing Our Private GP Consultation Near Newport

At Acorn Private Clinic, we’re committed to bringing qualified, experienced, and affordable healthcare professionals to the community of Newport. Whether private ultrasound, skin lump removal specialists, carpal tunnel release consultants, or private GP consultation in Newport, we rely only on registered, licensed, and experienced doctors to ensure excellent care.

We are one of the professional consultant-led private GP services in Newport. All consultants serving patients from our platform and all clinical work are regulated by the General Medical Council and Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW). And we also meet the standards defined by the Royal College of Radiologists.

Acorn Private Clinic is the name of the trust, and we’re always committed to our community. Come to our clinic confidently and get well soon!