What Equipment Do I Need At Home After Knee Replacement Surgery?

For knee replacement surgery patients to feel safe and at home, while they recover, it is essential to supply their homes with affordable, durable medical equipment (DME). Your loved one will need more help around the house after surgery. Your loved one can remain safe using these tools, whose complexity ranges from simple to complex. Providing your loved one with an easy-to-manage living space is essential to healing. This may entail installing mobility aids, constructing a functional living space on the ground floor, and removing obstacles that could cause trips.

You should be careful after a knee replacement surgery and visit a private orthopaedic clinic often to know if you’re recovering fine or need further help. A professional’s guidance is mandatory at every stage of recovery.

Here we have listed free equipment crucial at home for a fast and safe recovery.

What Equipment Must You Have After Knee Replacement Surgery?

It is essential to allow your loved one to live as normally as possible because, during rehabilitation, the prosthetic knee needs to be exercised and trained to develop flexibility. They will be able to manage the healing process more easily and give you the peace of mind you need if you give them the freedom and security they need to feel safe.

Bed Rail

A bed rail can make it easier for people recovering from surgery to get into and out of bed. In addition to a sturdy, rubberized handgrip, it is recommended to have a pocket for medical alert systems, medications, or mobile phones. Your loved ones can access anything they need to keep you safe.

Bedside Commode

Suppose the restroom is far away or difficult to use without assistance. In that case, patients may prefer a bedside commode to accommodate them during their early recovery phase. When used with a higher toilet seat, this can be a great way to alleviate knee pressure.

Adjustable Bed Frame

If the bed frame is too low, getting in and out of bed could be extremely uncomfortable. A sturdy, adjustable bed frame and a reliable bed rail are needed to raise the mattress for easier access.

Sock Aid

After knee surgery, it might be challenging to put on socks and pants. Patients can maintain their freedom when getting dressed and undressed for the day by using sock help with dependable, simple-to-grip grips.

Gel Wraps & Ice Packs

Particularly following knee replacement surgery, icing is crucial. It is a go-to for pain treatment in addition to reducing joint swelling. Cutting corners with this aspect of your treatment would be a grave error. A straightforward ice gel pack or ice cap will do; you don’t need to spend any money!

Pillow Wedge

Don’t forget to keep your knee elevated while you are icing it. When relaxing or sleeping, a wedge cushion is a practical and adaptable alternative to trying to stack several couch pillows to keep your knee up.

To Wrap It Up

Having knee replacement surgery takes work. It would be best if you took a lot of care to recover fully; any mishap can cause you more injury and pain. You must take professional guidance, for which you can contact Acorn Private Clinic. We know the best way to take care of you. Additionally, we also offer musculoskeletal ultrasound services to give a better idea of how fast you are recovering and what you will need in the future. So get in touch with our exceptionally experienced team today. We are here to assist you in the best way possible.