What To Do If You Get An Sports Injury?

Accidents are an everyday occurrence in sports. There can be major to minor injuries. While you can do your best to prevent them, they are not entirely avoidable. Therefore, try your best to do your best to take immediate action, so you don’t have to suffer with anything significant. Look out for any symptoms that can say that you have a major injury, such as:

● Severe pain 

● Swelling 

● Bruising 

If the pain or swelling does not go within a few days, it is better that you consult a doctor. You can get in touch with the best specialist at Acorn Private Clinic. We offer you excellent private GP care in Penarth and Cardiff; if you are facing and sports injury, you can get in touch with us to get the best care. 

Take These 5 Ways Into Consideration While Facing Sports Injury

There are various ways to take care of a sports injury that we have discussed below. If you feel like you have a minor injury, then the following recommendations are best for you. 


Rest is the best treatment for every injury. Take bed rest for a few days as you are better enough to walk around and work without flinching in pain at every step. Avoid making a lot of movement and pressure on the injured area. Don’t try to do a lot of work anytime soon, or you will end up pulling a muscle or making the injury worse. 

Put Ice

Try to apply an ice pack around the area to eliminate the soreness. It will cause the affected area to become numb; this is why you can reduce tenderness and pain. An ice pack can also reduce swelling or bleeding. However, keep in mind that an ice pack is not a permanent solution. It will just reduce the pain till you get to the doctor. Go to a doctor so they can help you determine how severe the injury is. 

Take Medication

After a painkiller, if you need it. A doctor will diagnose and will give you the important medication. It is crucial that you take them on time to avoid any future problems. Even if the injury is minor, don’t take it lightly; it can get on worse, and you’ll have to end up suffering more than usual. Complete the course of your medication even if you’re feeling better already. 

Minor Surgery

If there is a fracture or a case of Carpal Tunnel, then you may need minor surgery. It is better that you consult a skilled specialist to perform it. You can find great surgeons at Acorn Private Clinic. Our doctors are highly experienced and know how to take off the patient well. They will nourish you back to health in no time. They have experience in dealing with a wide range of different cases. You can get in touch with our team to get fast and reliable care. We are known for our services, such as lumps & bump removal and treatment for Carpal Tunnel in Penarth and Cardiff.

Pain Therapy

Pain therapy can be a great help in getting the treatment you require. You can get steroid and other pain relief injections from Acorn Private Clinic. Contact Acorn Private Clinic to get the fast pain-relieving injection and the care you require from our team of experts. 

To Wrap It up

A sports injury can be given you a hard time, but with the right care, things can be handled well. You can take care of the injury by resting, taking meds, and going to a reliable doctor. Get in touch with Acorn Private Clinic to get the right treatment.