When To Get An Ultrasound During Pregnancy?

Initial pregnancy may seem unreal, especially when expecting your first baby. The foetus is so tiny that you cannot feel it physically. Ultrasound is the only way to show you that you are actually having a baby inside your belly. Every new mom feels anxious to have a first look at her baby. Many clinics are offering private ultrasounds and baby scans in Cardiff. But ultrasounds should be done on the advice of your doctor only. Usually, your doctor will suggest two ultrasounds when you have a normal pregnancy without any complications. One at 12-14 weeks and the second at 18-20 weeks. Let’s see what you should expect at these stages. 

12-14 Weeks

This will be the first scan during your pregnancy, where you will see the first glimpse of your baby. It is basically done for four primary purposes;

● To determine the due date. While you can calculate your due date from last month’s period date, the one you figure through this ultrasound is more accurate. Doctors say that the due date you determine from an 18-20 weeks ultrasound is the most accurate one. 

● To detect multiple pregnancies. This ultrasound is done to determine at the initial stage if you have multiple pregnancies. Twin or triplet pregnancies need extra care and close examination, so detecting them as early as possible is better. 

● To check the basic anatomy of the foetus. It is essential to check whether the foetus is getting the nutrition to properly develop the anatomy.

● To rule out genetic disorders such as down-syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. These disorders can be detected during early pregnancy so the couple can decide whether they want to continue the pregnancy. 

18-20 Weeks

The second and, ideally, last ultrasound in your pregnancy is at 18-20 weeks. Here you are almost halfway on your pregnancy journey, and the scan is done to check your baby’s growth. The main factors your doctor determines on this ultrasound are;

● The organs of the baby are almost completely formed. The radiologist checks the four heart chambers, proper brain development and bladder formation in the foetus. They also count the number of fingers and toes to ensure the baby’s normal anatomy.

● At this stage, the gender of the baby is also recognisable. If you want to reveal the gender, you may ask the doctor. It depends on the position of your baby too. Sometimes the baby is in a position, making it difficult to determine the gender.

● This ultrasound also determines the position of the placenta. If you have a low-lying placenta, your doctor may tell you about the chances of a c-section. However, the placenta is likely to move till the last weeks, so it is not certain at this stage that you will have a normal delivery or a c-section. 

● If you have had a c-section previously, there is a chance that your placenta may get attached to the previous scar. This can also rule out this condition called placenta accreta. 

To wrap up

Pregnancies are precious. You are having a life growing inside yourself, so it may be possible your doctor prescribes more than these ultrasounds. There may be many reasons for additional scans, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, twin or triplet pregnancy and many more. Some moms develop cysts in their ovaries during pregnancy, for which doctors recommend a private ovarian ultrasound. You should not worry about these scans as they are only done to ensure your and your baby’s health. Acorn Private Clinic can provide you with the services of all these ultrasounds. Our healthcare providers ensure the patients’ comfort as we know how to treat our customers well. We also have the facility for children’s pelvic, abdomen, and fertility scans in Cardiff